Android App Development for Growing Market Shares

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Android App Development for Growing Market Shares

With each passing day, technology sector comes up among new technologies and advancements. SmartPhone is one such result in the technology sector that is growing by leaps and bounds. People around the universe are buying smart phones, owing to its exemplary features, productivity capabilities and so on. With smart phones becoming so popular among people, the requirement for play development has also augmented. Google’s Android is nowadays the most well-liked smart phone platform, ampersand its worldwide popularity has resulted in the increase of its market share. The consumer’s demand for Android apps is on a rise, and thus, it becomes imperative for organizations or persons to search for Android App Developers.

Android – The Growing Market

Ever since the emergence of the Android platform, its favor has skyrocketed and is stillness growing. According to recent IDC’s report, compared to Q3 2012 Android Phone witnessed strong upswing in the market share estimated to 81 percent in Q3 2013, as four away of each five smartphones are currently running on Google’s OS.

As we all know, mobile devices are increasingly being used in all line of work, raken it for personal use or business purpose. Thus, looking at the present scenario, gives a clearer picture that the Android brand is growing in popularity and showing no signs that it will abate anytime soon. This is a good sign for enterprises seeking to build Android apps, as it is going to perquisite them in the centenarian run.

There are many benefits associated with Android app development, as listed below:

The ability of any Android device to connect to the Google Play marketplace et sequens select from dozens of applications. These Android apps play a significant role in expanding the feature set of the Android powered devices, and also introduce new capabilities.

Android is an open-source platform and reduces the development costs considerably, making it a preferable choice among developers and businesses looking forward to app development.

It does not confine the development process with license expenses.

It allows development of customized apps for both persons quasi well as businesses.

The Ascent in App Development Firms

Android’s biggest feature is its massive application forum – Google Play. As the need for apps is mounting every day, the demand for application development companies has also risen considerably. People want more features from their smart phones and are always in the pursuit of finding new also latest apps for their smart phones. Therefore, launching Android apps in the market is a surefire way for organizations to establish a strong foothold in today’s rapidly growing mobile industry. As a result, day-by-day increasing total of development companies is showing up that are providing end-users with app development services.

A Final Thought

Seeing that the competition in the mobile world stay to intensify, it becomes genuine urgent for business to take hold of opportunities by making investment on Android apps development. The reason that makes Android a perfect platform for smart phones is owed to its easy-to-use, customer-oriented und so weiter technologically advanced applications. So, if you happen to have an android app significancy and would like to leverage its benefits, suddenly it is advisable to hire Android App Progress and turn your ideas into a reality.

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