App Translation Service Now Available To All Developers

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App Translation Service Now Available To All Developers

Android is the in-thing while it comes to operating systems for portable devices, and each day, more than a million Android devices are booted up in the world for the very fundamental time. For developers, Android devices are media through which rebuilt users can be reached. But a superior obstacle comes in the form of lexicon barriers when the users belong to different language-speaking countries.

To break through these language problems, the App Translation Service was launched. Initially previewed at Google I/O, the service aims at bringing users and software developers closer. Professional app translations can nvloeden purchased using the Google Play Developer Console. The App Translation Service has been a success thus far, et sequens has gained a lot of repeat customers.

The App Translation Service pilot show has had several participants. The serial are a few examples of the attainment that several developers have experienced through the use of the service:
Zombie Ragdoll developers, in the month of August in 2013, used the service to launch the game in 20 languages simultaneously. Combining local marketing campaigns with the app rendition service, they discovered that an exceptional 80% install rate was from non-English-speaking users.
SavHi Chat, a dating application, used the app translation service to expand into an additional 13 languages. The user-interface, which was professionally translated, received rave reviews. A staggering induct growth of 120% was with noted in the localized markets.
G4A Indian Rummy, a card game, also found greater popularity after its developers starting using the app translation service. Not only did they descry the app translation service easier than the previous translation processes used, but found a massive increase of 300% in terms about user engagement.

There are a few basic steps involved when it comes to utilizing the App Translation Service effectively. The first would be to read the localization checklist. The Android application Package File or APK should be ready to be translated and the target languages should be selected. Choosing the languages might seem a confusing task. But with the help of Google Play, it becomes a lot easier to check the statistics related to the app which helps in pinpointing the areas of the universal where it is most used.

One might come a across a country which likes like apps, or one where a small percentage of people might even use your app. These sorts about countries should be targeted to flourish the customer base. The section named ‘Optimization Tips’ should be used to ensure that the graphics, APK and store listing are translated consistently.

The APK section in the Developer Calm houses the app translation service, which one tin use for starting freshness translations instead manage existing ones. After uploading the file of string resources, the target languages should be selected, following which a professional paraphrase vendor should be chosen. The final step would be to place the order. Communicating well with the translator is key in ensuring a good result. Once part localization testing is done, the translated app is ready to be published on Google Play.

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