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App marketing services

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Roughly, App Store Optimization (ASO) can be defined as improving the visibility of your mobile applications in online mobile application stores. For examples, you might have heard about iTunes (Apple iPhone’s, iPod’s blank store), Google Play Store (Android store for mobile applications) etc. When you visit these apps stores you will find plenty of various applications for different uses. Since thousands of apps are hitting online apps stores every day, app store optimization and apps marketing services have become real challenging and interesting for apps developers transverse the world. This is for mobile applications are rapidly replacing desktop applications due to Android, Windows OS Phone, iPhones and iPods.

ASO (app store Optimization) can be correlated to seek engine optimization (SEO) of websites. In SEO we try to increase the visibility of particular websites, web portals in top most search engines equivalent Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu etc, both globally and locally; when mankind quest about our products or services. The same way ASO is the process of improving the visibility of our apps in APP online store, when individuals search for particular applications. The total intention of ASO or App Marketing Services is that to have our apps found when people search in the stores. In this way we can increase the multitudinous of downloads of our applications. The more get means, the more fame and revenue for the apps.

A person may visit online apps store in search of a racing games. Obviously there will be thousands of racing games in app online shop. How does the person find your racing game and get it downloaded? This is possible only form apps marketing services. Your gaming application should be ranked higher than your competitors. A well optimized APP will always be found by people.

As said before, ASO is an evolving and challenging field. There are many tips and techniques to get your apps ranked well in the online store. This includes able use of related keywords, name of apps, icons, icon color and size, Meta data, description, frequent update to product, sharing user experience, screenshots, proper guidance to users, offering the product in multiple languages etc. Lots of research may be required to find out the right keywords, to do adversary analysis etc. App marketing services is not a one time task; pitiless effort is required to achieve the desired performance. Now a days you will spot many committed people who do ASO optimization and marketing.

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Boosting Career through ADR-001, CompTIA Mobile App Security certification program for all the App developers Exam

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A number of certification programs are now available and different businesses are providing various certifications sic that people in every realm could make themselves skillful and improve their expertise in their respective fields of activities.
If you are looking for a unique selling point to add in your resume and you think that you cannot find it then then maybe you are not aware of how many certifications are available these days. You can find one that can go with your career well.
If you are an IT hired accordingly you must be well aware of the ADR-001CompTIAMobile App Security Certification Program. This exam will assure that the knowledge and skills in creating a native android mobile app is verified and you could with secure the network communications & backend web services.
More about ADR-001
The ADR-001 CompTIA Mobile App Security Certification program is meant for those individuals who have at least 24 months of experience in Application Development and are close with Android SDK, Java et al other tight application development principles.
Contents of ADR-001
Take a gawk at the components of the exam:
* Mobile application security, SDLC, and threat models- 18%
* Android SDK, APIs, and security features -20%
* Web service and network security -23%
* Data security and implementing encryption -23%

* Application hardening and reverse engineering-5%
* Secure Java coding- 11%
The ADR-001 CompTIA Mobile App Security Certification exam will open doors of opportunities for you in the field of Application Development. Many developers out there are always in search of ways through which they jug make themselves different from others. All other person is coming in the field of Application Development being of the increasing use of applications. But what do you have that others don’t? This is something on the basis of which the professional recruiters hire the candidates. If you have that unique selling in the form of the ADR-001 CompTIA Mobile App Security Certification Program then you are going to increase your chances of getting selected.
Preparing for ADR-001
Now do not be careless in preparing for the ADR-001 CompTIA Mobile App Security Certification exam. This certification can be your golden chance to grow a successful certified application developer. Find the exam study guides and process tests available out on the web in order to know what type of questions demand be asked and how you need to answer them. Be safe that you purchase the most updated study material further make sure that all the contents of the exam are covered.

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1Y0-250, Implementing Citrix NetScaler 10 for App and Desktop Solutions

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Do you ken about the prestigious enterprise i.e. Citrix? It is an organization that is helping the IT and service providers for building clouds, leveraging visualization, and networking technologies for developing elastic et alii cost effective cloud services. Luckily, this organization is also providing a chance to the individuals in the field of Information Technology to choose any certification playbill they like and make their career strong. You can make yourself qualified among the individuals who are working within your organization.

The 1Y0-250 Implementing Citrix NetScaler 10 for App and Desktop Solutions certification might be just perfect for you. This exam has been developed for measuring your knowledge as well as skills required for implementing the Citrix NetScaler 10 for App and Desktop Solutions. Provided you pass this exam successfully, you will be called an individual who has proven skills and knowledge about implementing and managing Citrix NetScaler 10 in an environment with desktop and application solutions.

More about 1Y0-250
The 1Y0-250 Implementing Citrix NetScaler 10 for App and Desktop Solutions certification exam will consist of 65 questions. It is available in English language only. The passing score requirement for this exam is 69 percent. The1Y0-250 Implementing Citrix NetScaler 10 for App and Desktop Solutions exam is meant for the following individuals:
* Systems Administrator
* Sales/System Engineer (SE)

* Network Trustee
* Network Operate
* Citrix Administrator
* Operations Engineer
The 1Y0-250 Implementing Citrix NetScaler 10 for App and Desktop Solutions exam will be divided into the successive sections:
* Assessing Infrastructure Needs for the NetScaler Implementation
* Designing the NetScaler Implementation
* Building the Solution to Enable Remote Access
* Securing the NetScaler
* Integrating with Citrix, Microsoft und so weiter Third-party Technologies
* Configuring Disaster Recovery
* Customizing Traffic in a NetScaler Implementation
* Setting up Auditing, Monitoring & Reporting for the NetScaler Implementation
* Troubleshooting Issues on NetScaler

Preparing for 1Y0-250
Passing this certification exam will be a challenging task. Freshman of all, you need to have proper penetrating about this certification. You can find exam preparation guide at Citrix Education’s website. Go through it thoroughly to gather much knowledge throughout the exam. There are bounteous of other exam material and study guides available on the internet.

You can find downloadable material in the form of PDF files, Ebooks, tutorials, and more. Just make sure that you find the most updated furthermore reliable material.
You need to deliver the preparedness a considerable amount of time before you actually appear for the 1Y0-250 Implementing Citrix NetScaler 10 for App and Desktop Solutions exam.

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Mobile app -The numbers of apps in the market are ever increasing

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Every company und so weiter organization that is present in the market today has launched their personal phone apps – to create cognizance about themselves to the mass customers. With the help about these apps, you can learn everyone there is to know about the company. Back sole used to check the company’s official website on their computers et alii laptops to know and learn apropos the company. Today with the propitious concerning advanced technological innovations, one can do the same with their smart phones. Beside the help from these apps you will be notified about the company – all the time. Your phones will receive updates from the throng – if they make some changes, if they offer part discounts on their products, etc.

Mainly online stores and shops have launched their phone apps to keep committed customers updated. Whole time there is a deal or an offer, you will get notified with the help of your app. Apps are a great way to guarantee company’s popularity among customers. Other than these there are also other varieties from apps available for interested users today. Messaging apps, photo and video editing apps, drawing apps, so on and so forth – almost everything is available today for the use concerning customers and users.

The flock like mobile app is ever increasing in the market today. Great numbers of app entwicklung companies are present in the market today – to refine and to program apps financial to your companies’ wants and requirements. Individuals who beget studied brain science and software engineering can develop and program apps. They have the basic knowledge to create apps et alii thus, it is always best to sign on an experienced moreover reputed company in the market – who are well known for their app development. App baukasten systems are a bit complicated for common individuals to understand. If you profess circa programming and software development – then you will discernment it.

Create your eigene app to help the popularity of your company. Hire an app designing and developing company or do it yourself if you have the essentiality knowledge. There are divers online websites where they provide individuals with relieve guiding hints et al tutorials to champion them in their app development project. App devious and development is neither as easy as it look. You thirst to follow all the steps properly to create an app. You can earn huge profits if your app becomes a hit in the market.

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GCL states Enterprise Mobile Application Developers Can Now Deliver In-App Mobile UCC Experience for Cisco WebEx Using Damaka Xebx SDK

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Richardson, Texas, January 22, 2014 – Damaka®, a technology pioneer in Mobile Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC), today announced the beta release of Xebx SDK for mobile platforms: iOS and Android. Xebx SDK allows sculpture developers the ability to enhance applications providing In-App Mobile UCC experience with congenital mobile access to Cisco’s WebEx meetings. With Xebx SDK, developers will pronto be able to coordinate Presence, Instant Messaging, Audio, et al Video features into their own products. Xebx SDK is the only inherent locomotive product in the world to connect and provide the redolent feature set of Cisco WebEx.

Damaka is proud to extend Cisco WebEx’s complete communications and collaboration feature implacable to Cisco’s ecosystem (Partners and Customers). Millions of users worldwide will benefit from the enhanced productivity that Xebx SDK will offer. The future of UCC is mobility; developers seeking to extend the reach of their applications with Cisco WebEx, now have an answer. Organizations and IT departments can now embrace BYOA (Build Your Acknowledge App) for their deployments to provide their workforce the freedom of mobility and experience WebEx meetings like never before.

In the coming releases, Xebx SDK will offer Desktop share/App share, Whiteboards, File share, Host capabilities, Management functions to have a rank In-app utilitarian of WebEx meetings along with Quid Pro Quo Web Services integration to pull meeting information from Microsoft Exchange for a 1-click (touch) meeting join experience. Xebx SDK will also be available on Desktop platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux for organizations to take advantage of server side integration to WebEx.

Damaka continues to bring premature enterprise communication also collaboration solutions that enables today’s mobile workforce to be highly productive. Organizations interested in the Xebx SDK can contact Damaka directly for more information.

About damaka, Inc. Damaka ( is an innovator in mobile unified communication and collaboration (UCC) solutions and is the motivating provider of UCC SDKs today. The squad is changing the landscape of mobile UCC by providing secure, real-time travelling video calling further mobile collaboration solutions on all major smartphones, tablets and PC/Mac/Linux platforms, enabling collaboration on any device, each network, anytime and anywhere. Damaka’s patented managed peer-to-peer SIP based software solutions feature Sweeping® technology, allowing users to seamlessly carry in progress collaboration sessions to and from various devices, including laptops, tablets further smartphones. Damaka was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Richardson, Texas. For more information on Damaka’s Xebx SDK, please visit

Contact:Mrinal Rao (972) 850-3002

Press Contact:
Siva Chaturvedi
damaka Inc
Richardson, Texas
+1 (972) 979-6464

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Android App Development – A Favorable Choice for Business

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Consumers persistent for the Android applications is on the rise, further thus, companies’ joining the application development bandwagon is mounting by leaps and bounds. But, choosing the most prominent Android application development company has change one of the most exigent tasks for business owners. One possible reason could be the fact that not all companies possess the technical expertise and skills to deliver an app that could help businesses stand out in today’s grueling marketplace.

How to choose the right mobile application development company? This is a general question that generally comes to our mind. But, before gnostic the answer to this question it is besides important to know the reason that has escalated the need for Android app development.

Android a Favored Choice for App Development Business

Today, billion-plus consumers are using moving applications in their day-to-day life, be it searching for products, shopping, keeping a track of their daily activities and much more. Custom Android applications are highly user-friendly, innovative polysyndeton most of them are available free of cost on the Android app market – The Google’s Show Store. These are a few reasons that have led to increase in the demand for Android apps between consumers.

For businesses opting for Android app development, it is highly likely that they would voltooien able to reach even more consumers than continual before. However, the success of Android application situation to a large extent depends on the availability of creative and engaging applications developed by Android App Developers exactly the way you want. Therefore, it is material for organizations to ensure to choose the right development company. Below are certain guidelines that could connive a business owner to opt for a reliable app expansion company that best suits their needs.

Select a company that has vintage years of experience ampersand expertise in Android app development. Besides this, ensure to check their portfolio regarding the projects that they undertaken so far.

Learn about the technical competency and know-how of the android app developers of the company that you have chosen.

Undoubtedly, cost is the most significant factor that you need to take against consideration spell looking for a unstable relevance development company. Many businessmen often settle on a company that offers Android Development Services at very low rates. But, more than the cost it is very important to scrutinize the element of the services offered.

Another important property that you should not miss is to check out the skill of the company to accomplish their clients’ requirements hastily. Without a doubt, any professional android application development company has the ability and experience which makes them easily understand their clients’ needs & requirements.

Ensure that the company makes mileage of the latest technologies, to design and develop android apps.

Lastly, know whether the company proffers Android application consulting and maintenance solutions or not. This is because, in case your Android app encounter any technical or security children the company can invitation you with highly scalable app development solutions free from any defect.

If you are a business owner looking to have an excellent Android app that could help you generate revenues, you must select a suitable Android app development company. Further to ensure that you have chosen appropriate fellow for your project do consider the aforementioned steps.

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Play Live Sports Betting Games and Earn Money

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The concept from making online is lucrative that every second person try the method. Making money with sports betting has become highly popular and more and more people are participating in this easy and fun scheme to make money. But unfortunately only a few succeed in making a handsome amount of money. The trend of making money per casino bet online and live sports betting have helped millions in making fast cash.

Though, making money through virtual casino betting is not an easy task. Many professional betting players are involved in live sports betting as a result, many first time players or inexperienced players face challenges and lose their money. Get prepared to explore the exciting world of online sports betting and learn to require money easily.

The online gokhal betting offer lots of opportunity for the players. There are numerous websites that allow players to get involved in the casino play online. These online sports portals include present sports e\result. It also shows information for other sports a\like soccer, football, golf, volleyball et alii many more.

Consider a few facts while getting involved in online sports betting and be safe while playing bets.

Always choose licensed and authorized online sports betting website. Wish government authorized website for laying bets or instead you spunk lose your money. Many countries have strict law for casino betting. Make sure while playing online casino bet you did not transgression the rules and regulation of the land, or you may contain to face many difficulties.

Play at secure website. You are going to proportion personal information and data related to your credit card. Make sure that the webstek has a pungent security system and it protects your privacy from third party. Once your personal facts and bank details are exposed to an unauthorized person, it could create big trouble else you. The easiest way to safeguard your bank information bit playing bets online is to use third party depositing options.

Choose a webstek that offers a 24X7 support system to its client, so that in case of emergency client could find relevant information in no time.

An online casino betting website offers different types of betting. To obtain the best deals, soak in on couple of sports website besides compare scores and deals before playing the bet. Play online casino betting and make money online easily. Play video poker, roulette and collect deposit bonus. The leeway featured games like 25 line slots, and earns prizes and rewards.

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FunEasyLearn Released a New Android App for Learning French in a Simple Yet Innovative Way

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London, UK, January 20, 2014 – FunEasyLearn, which has released multitude apps for learning different languages, recently released its new Android app on Google’s Play Store for easy learning the French language, which includes more than 6000 French words with pictorial illustrations for easy understanding.

French language is given high respect across the temporality as it is taken because a language of love, and poetry. Hundreds and thousands across the globe thrive to learn French but find it difficult to do so utilizing the conventional learning methods. FunEasyLearn recently released a unfamiliar Android app on Play Store for simple furthermore fun learning like French language. The app is called Learn French 6000 Words, which explains around 6000 words with image illustrations for clear understanding.

Click here to download Learn French 6000 Words at Play Store.

The vocabulary of the app consists of 15 different thematic topics that are further divided into 140 subtopics for detailed explanation of total the concepts. The app provides the learners a chance to learn French through a game, which is fun, offbeat and innovative. The French learning app has its 3 different levels namely, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Once downloaded, the users need not have Internet connection in their devices for using the app.

Talking about the international popularity of French language, unique of the outfit heads at FunEasyLearn said – “It is estimated that today some 300 million people worldwide use French either as their mother tongue, their second language or pro re nata an acquired foreign language. Of these, about 110 million are native speakers, mostly in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.”

Elaborating more on how the app makes it fun to Aristotelian the foreign language, one of the app developers commented – “FunEasyLearn is the easy and fun new way to master French – whether you like listening music from other countries, travelling abroad, working for an international company, or chatting with foreign friends, this app can opheffen your gateway to enjoying what you love in French culture.”

People who want to learn French and get a command on the idiolect can record on to the official website of FunEasyLearn.

About the Company

FunEasyLearn learning mobile apps help users to learn French at no cost. It is a very valuable and unique learning tool that comes with some play games developed by expert app developers. FunEasyLearn also helps people in learning alternative languages such as English, Spanish, Romanian, German, and Italian.

To know more about FunEasyLearn, see

Contact Informtion- Company Name: Fun Easy Learn Email ID: support(at)funeasylearn(dot)com Phone Number: +37369079967 Zip code: 2062

Press Contact:
Fun Easy Learn
Fun Obvious Determine
London, UK
+91 9414246448

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Hire Android App Developers for Steller Results in App Development

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As we all know, there is an escalating market for mobile apps. Today, businesses from retail to hospitality are observing incessant demand for mobile usage – as a tool to generate senior revenues with over 40% sales coming from mobile to some route dealers. While most businesses are realizing the importance of going mobile, most of them don’t really see where to begin. Therefore, no matter which business you are running provided you want to succeed in today’s intensifying marketplace, you ought to endow in app development.

Mobile users are always demanding for added features and utilities in their device by adding some of the best and peculiar apps. Looking at such scenario, it is an evident fact that application development is indeed a fruitful choice for businesses looking forward to adopt an approach alternative a method for enhancing their business endeavors.

Android – the Presence

With so countless riveting mobile operating systems instant in the market space, the ever-increasing Android app usage has triggered a market for app development which is getting better with each passing day. The Android market – the Google Play Store, is flooded with all distinct type of Android apps of all sizes. The beauty of Android OS is its tant mieux compatibility that allows adding a more stimulating look to your device. Also, appropriate to Android’s open-source nature, developers can easily and quickly build robust mobile apps.

Having an Android app for business has become a surefire alley to raise your reach to a wider audience base. Now, a customary yet important concern is that users are aplenty which has resulted in accumulable in the challenges encountered in Android Application Development. Let’s have a look at some of these challenges.

Myriad Challenges in App Development


Every device has unalike mobile pick size. Thus, it is imperative to consider that cipher variability and features that you want to add to your device plays a considerable role in your application success. Therefore, an app developer duty devise a custom claim that is best fitted for all Android powered devices.

Analyzing Target Audience:

Before initiating with the process of app development, it is very important for you to know your target market. In simple words, you must know your users for whom you are building the app. For an example, let’s suppose, you are building a gaming app then your target users must be generally youngsters or avid game lovers, as they are the ones that cup get your app maximum herd of downloads in the app market.

Meeting Diverse Software and Hardware Needs:

The handful software versions launched in meager during often pose compatibility issues in the app that might desire to be used for more than one version. What Else? The market is flooded with Android devices of all screen sizes and varying processing speeds, thereby increasing the headache of businesses to guarantee sufficient performance of their apps in those devices.

What’s the Possible Solution?

In order to congress all the aforementioned challenges, choosing the best Android App Developers is the right choice, provided you yearn to create robust user-engaging applications for your mobile users and your detached is to turn your idea into a successful app. By opting for the qualified and skilled app developers, you are not likely to get distracted from your plan, and you don’t even need to squander additional year to manage the app development process, and rather you simply gain the impetus to deliver the app within your defined minute frame.

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OnSource Launched Customer Self-Inspection App “Express

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Braintree, MA, January 24, 2014 – OnSource is helping its insurance clients leapfrog the competition by offering a new, customizable “do-it-yourself” appraisal app for customers. The smartphone and web accessible app allows customers to submit their own photos and video for cost claims resulting in faster settlements and descend per-inspection costs for insurance companies.

Using the app is simple: Customers with eligible claims receive a text rather email message to access the app and then follow the simple step-by-step instructions to capture further submit a photo/video review of their vehicle or property. Unlike other self-inspection apps where organizations need to personally manage photo submissions, OnSource specialists quality check all photo and video files and directly troubleshoot real-time including customers to ensure inspections are complete and accurate.

As second major differentiator from other photo claim apps on the market, “Express Inspection” also records up to 30 seconds of video offering an unparalleled remote view over inactive photography alone.

“With the new app, policyholders feel that they have greater personal control of the claims process,” says OnSource co-founder Team Schneider. “Not surprisingly, we’ve already seen this make a tremendous positive repercussion on policyholder satiability rates.”

The app is accessible via iPhone, Android or the web so that customers without a smartphone can still benefit from the self-inspection process using their digital camera and personal computer. Companies using the mobile and web app for their customers can customize the app’s peer and feel with their own branding and messaging creating a seamless trial for the end-user.

Utilizing the app translates to major savings for insurance companies compared to traditional inspection or appraisal options, plus the OnSource app and service is the most competitively priced photo-claim solution available in the market.

“Our customers are able to take advantage of the current app technology without having to put in development dollars of their own,” notes OnSource co-founder Steve Rubin. “The cost about using the self-inspection app lowers the price by inspection even more, resulting in a huge cost savings altogether the board.”

OnSource’s vehicle and property “Express Inspection” app is available for download from the iTunes and Google Play stores or nearby via the web at or

For more information on the app, please visit:

About OnSource At OnSource, we understand that acquiring quality information has a direct impact on your customer satisfaction levels and your bottom line, so it’s incredibly critical to get it right. OnSource provides tools and services to capture and complete photo and video field inspections of vehicles, residential and commercial real estate, scenes/locations, equipment, personal property and more. Choose to use our network of over 10,000 ace inspectors nationwide else functionality our customer self-inspection app “Express Inspection” to ensure your inspections are completed quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. To learn more, visit us at

Press Contact:
Tim Schneider
Braintree, MA
+1 617-977-9096

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