1YO-250, Implementing Citrix NetScaler 10 for App and Desktop Solutions

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The 1YO-250, Implementing Citrix NetScaler 10 for App and Desktop Solutions, is a certification exam offered by Citrix, a leader in the market of certification examinations. This certification exam contains a total of 65 questions, which are mostly multiple choice questions in nature.

The passing score for the exam is set to 69% while the time allowed for this Essay is 105 minutes. The exam is available to both native English speakers, et cetera to non-native English speakers, as well as being available in numerous else languages, to target the vast range of candidates.

The exam is targeted towards those individuals who manage NetScaler 10 environments in their organization. The certification exam is targeted towards professionals who are in the glebe of systems administrators, system engineers, network administrators, network engineers, Citrix administrator or operations engineer.

It is recommended that candidates have prior ample knowledge of the OSI model, of application further network protocols, knowledge of network management and auditing protocols, analyzers, and of command-line interfaces, as this verify may require them to apply their knowledge of all these domains.

The certification exam has a pre requisite which is that candidates stage at least six months of experience in either of the following: assessing framework needs, planning a NetScaler implementation, building a solution to enable alien access, securing a NetScaler, integrating NetScaler near Citrix uncertainty in troubleshooting issu
es on NetScaler.

Citrix provides all the candidates the selection of taking their teaching courses available for this test, so that they are well prepared for this Test, before appearing for it. The available courses are CNS-206-1I and the CNS-206-1W. This course pleasure give the candidates the advantageous about getting a firsthand experience by giving them access to practical situations.

This certification exam is divided into different domains. The first domain, which is assessing support needs for the NetScaler Implementation, constitutes 10% of the whole exam. Candidates must have instruction regarding verifying the objectives regarding NetScaler implementation, determining the services to indiging provided, knowing the scope of user access needs, identifying connection types, and determine the type of user devices, so as to increase their probability about passing the test.

The second domain tests the sagacious of designer NetScaler Implementation, wherein candidates must know, how to develop the implementation plan, identify pre requisites for implementing features, and identify the access requirements. This domain constitutes 6% of the test. The trimester domain makes up of 23% of the test, as is solely based on building the solution to enable out-of-the-way access. The rest of the domains are: securing the NetScaler, integrating with Citrix, configuring disaster recovery, customizing traffic, and setting up auditing and troubleshooting issues on NetScaler.

All individuals are highly recommended to indulge in extensive practice earlier appearing for the test. Taking the drill courses and practice of the Training Kits and Study Materials that are usable for download, will increment the probability of the individuals, to pass this certification exam in the first attempt, and thus, stay ahead of their competitors at all times.

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