Boosting Career through ADR-001, CompTIA Mobile App Security certification program for all the App developers Exam

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A number of certification programs are now available and different businesses are providing various certifications sic that people in every realm could make themselves skillful and improve their expertise in their respective fields of activities.
If you are looking for a unique selling point to add in your resume and you think that you cannot find it then then maybe you are not aware of how many certifications are available these days. You can find one that can go with your career well.
If you are an IT hired accordingly you must be well aware of the ADR-001CompTIAMobile App Security Certification Program. This exam will assure that the knowledge and skills in creating a native android mobile app is verified and you could with secure the network communications & backend web services.
More about ADR-001
The ADR-001 CompTIA Mobile App Security Certification program is meant for those individuals who have at least 24 months of experience in Application Development and are close with Android SDK, Java et al other tight application development principles.
Contents of ADR-001
Take a gawk at the components of the exam:
* Mobile application security, SDLC, and threat models- 18%
* Android SDK, APIs, and security features -20%
* Web service and network security -23%
* Data security and implementing encryption -23%

* Application hardening and reverse engineering-5%
* Secure Java coding- 11%
The ADR-001 CompTIA Mobile App Security Certification exam will open doors of opportunities for you in the field of Application Development. Many developers out there are always in search of ways through which they jug make themselves different from others. All other person is coming in the field of Application Development being of the increasing use of applications. But what do you have that others don’t? This is something on the basis of which the professional recruiters hire the candidates. If you have that unique selling in the form of the ADR-001 CompTIA Mobile App Security Certification Program then you are going to increase your chances of getting selected.
Preparing for ADR-001
Now do not be careless in preparing for the ADR-001 CompTIA Mobile App Security Certification exam. This certification can be your golden chance to grow a successful certified application developer. Find the exam study guides and process tests available out on the web in order to know what type of questions demand be asked and how you need to answer them. Be safe that you purchase the most updated study material further make sure that all the contents of the exam are covered.

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