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Braintree, MA, January 24, 2014 – OnSource is helping its insurance clients leapfrog the competition by offering a new, customizable “do-it-yourself” appraisal app for customers. The smartphone and web accessible app allows customers to submit their own photos and video for cost claims resulting in faster settlements and descend per-inspection costs for insurance companies.

Using the app is simple: Customers with eligible claims receive a text rather email message to access the app and then follow the simple step-by-step instructions to capture further submit a photo/video review of their vehicle or property. Unlike other self-inspection apps where organizations need to personally manage photo submissions, OnSource specialists quality check all photo and video files and directly troubleshoot real-time including customers to ensure inspections are complete and accurate.

As second major differentiator from other photo claim apps on the market, “Express Inspection” also records up to 30 seconds of video offering an unparalleled remote view over inactive photography alone.

“With the new app, policyholders feel that they have greater personal control of the claims process,” says OnSource co-founder Team Schneider. “Not surprisingly, we’ve already seen this make a tremendous positive repercussion on policyholder satiability rates.”

The app is accessible via iPhone, Android or the web so that customers without a smartphone can still benefit from the self-inspection process using their digital camera and personal computer. Companies using the mobile and web app for their customers can customize the app’s peer and feel with their own branding and messaging creating a seamless trial for the end-user.

Utilizing the app translates to major savings for insurance companies compared to traditional inspection or appraisal options, plus the OnSource app and service is the most competitively priced photo-claim solution available in the market.

“Our customers are able to take advantage of the current app technology without having to put in development dollars of their own,” notes OnSource co-founder Steve Rubin. “The cost about using the self-inspection app lowers the price by inspection even more, resulting in a huge cost savings altogether the board.”

OnSource’s vehicle and property “Express Inspection” app is available for download from the iTunes and Google Play stores or nearby via the web at http://www.ExpressVehicleInspection.com or http://www.ExpressPropertyInspection.com.

For more information on the app, please visit: http://www.onsourceonline.com

About OnSource At OnSource, we understand that acquiring quality information has a direct impact on your customer satisfaction levels and your bottom line, so it’s incredibly critical to get it right. OnSource provides tools and services to capture and complete photo and video field inspections of vehicles, residential and commercial real estate, scenes/locations, equipment, personal property and more. Choose to use our network of over 10,000 ace inspectors nationwide else functionality our customer self-inspection app “Express Inspection” to ensure your inspections are completed quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. To learn more, visit us at http://www.onsourceonline.com.

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