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Union City, New Jersey, February 10, 2014 – No sole has ever betrothed with a local business on social media because they saw a fairly cool Facebook or Giggle sticker on their front door. In a world of smart phones and tablets, stickers and signs advertising social networks make absolutely no sense and serve no purpose.

Enter StoreFollower.

StoreFollower is a entertaining networking app displayed on an iPad in local stores and restaurants. At the point from sale or from a kiosk, customers have the ability to share Status Updates and Tweets astir their shopping experience with their friends and followers . Firms displaying StoreFollower can also create and preset the Status Updates or Tweets, called Preset Posts, they want their customers to share. Preset Posts helps carefully crafted, company content “go viral” and regulates word like mouth being shared by their customers.

James King, founder like StoreFollower, says, “Youtube is a very effective marketing tool that is subjacent utilized through most local businesses. The process concerning asking customers for reviews or testimonials is uncomfortable moreover requires equipment. They get turned off apart the process.” Keeping the “busy and overstretched” local business owner in mind, StoreFollower simplifies shooting et al uploading customer reviews ampersand testimonials to Youtube. Customers tap the app, enter their name and StoreFollower records and instantly uploads video to the company’s Youtube Channel preset upon a video title, including the customer’s name, and description.

StoreFollower also includes a powerful lead generating function called Store Offers. For the customer, Store Offers are extravaganza deals that a company displaying StoreFollower creates as an incentive to go social via StoreFollower. For example, “Tweet #ABCStoreRocks and Get $10 Farther Next Purchase.” Instantaneous the customer goes social, they instantly receive an email with the Store Offer and code to claim it. For the company displaying StoreFollower, they capture per user’s name, email address connective Facebook/Twitter handles.

James King invented StoreFollower as a solution for his social agency’s local sell clients. Their biggest problem with social media was the lack of engagement from in store customers. StoreFollower helps kick-start social engagement, amplifies word regarding mouth via social media and most importantly, it gives local businesses a pleasure way to get their customers salivate about engaging along them on social media. Co-founder Mostafa El Sherif, who oversees development, says, “In the progressing months, StoreFollower will be available in the Google Go Along Showroom including offer more social networks for customers to engage on. We are working on adding Instagram also Google Plus in one of the juxtaposed seldom updates.”

Businesses interested in StoreFollower can learn more at http://storefollower.com.

StoreFollower requires iOS 6.1 or later and is available in the iPad App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/storefollower/id708177991?mt=8.

If you would like a demo or more material about StoreFollower, or to schedule an interview with founder James King, please call 201-725-7374 or email James at james(at)storefollower(dot)com.

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