The Newest and Best Free Android Games in the Google Play Store

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We dug deeper in the Google Play Store to au courant you the newest action, racing, sports and brain games for Android devices.

Air Hockey Penguins: Snow & Ice

This is an arcade game that lets you play real related air hockey. Air Hockey Penguins: Snow & Ice is about the penguins running and racing to plug the puck and they impersonate as mallets. They befall more entertaining once penguins lose because they metamorphose into “angry birds”. This is the perfect game to download this winter date or even any stretch of the year.

Bubble Totem

It is a puzzle game where the player fires bubbles from a token to wick triangular or more other bubbles of the same color. This is a harmonious game to Snood or Bust A Move, wherein a player has limited amount of time to strike all the bubbles reach the bottom of the screen and the game is over. Unlike the Snood or Bust A Move, they can easily commute bubbles if the next bubble color makes it easier to clear bubbles. If you love color-matching puzzle games, then feel free to try downloading this from the Google Play Store.

Tetris Blitz

If you love the Tetris classic version, then you will definitely have fun with the Tetris Attack by EA. In this game, players are given only two minutes to score as many points as they can. Unlike the common Tetris, where players control the falling blocks, it give choices of where to place each block on the grid, creating for a quick game with more excitement. This game displays bars on both sides of the screen that feed with color once lines are cleared. When the bars run over, players will go into FRENZY Mode. By continuing to clear lines, players will go on to stay in FRENZY Mode. It has power ups that are added to the game each week. Every power-up has a pain that user mold buy. Player will earn coins as they go on to the next level of the game. They get the options to buy more coins if the player runs out of money.

Turbo Racing League

Turbo Racing League is a fast game based on the forthcoming Dreamworks Studio movie Turbo. The story is about Tito the snail, who dreams of present a champion racer. Players will make a racing snail before hitting their race. They can select racing, players will swipe their snail, and it will be released from a slingshot. Each track has power improves that will make each gastropod super-fast. Players container make use the tomatoes, which are distributed along each trail, to improve at the shops. This is an heady game that you should load for your Android smartphone.

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