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Mind Cures, LLC Launched The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Meditation App, Bringing Stephen Covey’s Globally Successful Principles to iPhon

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New York, NY, January 20, 2014 – Mind Cures, LLC, an innovative digital publishing and movable development company, has released the groundbreaking 7 Habits concerning Highly Operational People accelerated learning through meditations app, which brings the key principals of Stephen Covey’s bestselling book to both young plus old audiences who want to metamorphous their lives anytime and anyplace.

Mind Cures is excited to release their new app with a special 21 day Introductory Charge of $7.99 -The app is obtainable in the iTunes store now: Click Here For 7 Habits App.

The 7 Habits of Highly Causal Community audio meditation app is based on the bibliolatrous of the same name, written by the leading global authority in leadership and empowerment, Stephen R. Covey and owned by Franklin Covey Group. The bestselling book was originally published in 1988 and has sold throughout 25 million copies in more than 40 languages. Millions like people around the world have read Covey’s book, and the principles have become the foundation of corporate leadership training at dozens of Fortune 500 companies. In 1999, Covey’s principles expanded beyond corporate America and were introduced into elementary view classrooms. Today, schools across the United States comprise embraced and integrated the 7 habits into their curriculum and reported quantifiable improvements in both grades und so weiter behavior.

“If you want to learn the timeless principles about building character and becoming a more effective incarnate et al leader, Covey’s seven principles are the most important concepts you cup learn,” explains Mentation Cures CEO Evan Gappelberg. “Stephen Company has worked with political leaders as well as CEOs, managers, and employees at omniscience levels in companies encompassing the world. His principles have been adopted in hundreds of schools in multiple countries. There is no better education that a person can give to himself or herself than information Covey’s 7 habits of highly effective people, and that is why Mind Cures is thrilled to partner with Franklin Flock on our new app. Now, people can quickly and conveniently heuristic Covey’s ageless principles through meditation.”

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People app is part of the Mind Cures Hero Science program. The app provides a short and concise increased learning program, which focuses entirely on the book’s root principles. The desegregation concerning scientifically-proven methods of condensed knowledge, guided meditation, audio listening, and repetition, improves knowledge making the principles your habit. For the first time ever, individuals can anfractuous on Covey’s book and easily learn the author’s principles in leadership and solving personal or professional problems past personalized, relaxing meditations that have been fully customized to focus on one principle at a time.

“The groundbreaking audio meditation app pushes learning in overdrive, helping people concatenate the principles of the book into their lives faster through meditation,” says Gappelberg. “Covey’s principles have been recreated in the original person perspective, so it’s easier for users to assimilate and assimilate by the subconscious. Reinforcement of the principles is fast and secure along the exclusive autosuggestion feature that allows users to listen to the core principles without having to meditate. Users jug also supervenient their learning with relaxing binaural music and nature sounds that are offered for free in the medley library.”

This revolutionary app from the Hero Universe line of products was created for people who want to reach success but have limited time to read. Leveraging Hero Universe’s patented meditation technology-the only technology of its kind available today-the app delivers a one-of-a-kind fast and easy accelerated erudition experience developed for both seasoned followers of Covey’s principles and newcomers to the globally-acclaimed 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

About Mind Cures, LLC Memory Cures, LLC is a digital publisher and transportable application developer with a growing mass of innovative self-help, meditation apps offered through its Hero Universe brand of products. Indoctrinate Cures licenses books from the most recognized self-help authorities in the world and offers them as audio meditation apps, which combine the key principles in each book among the Hero Eduction personalized mysticism technology for an accelerated learning experience. All Mind Cures applications from the Hero Universe family of products are handy through the iTunes app store.

7 Habits App Facebook Page7 Habits App WebsiteClick Here For 7 Habits App

To learn more about Mind Cures Hero Philosophy program and other exciting apps, visit:

Hero Universe

Press Contacts: Evan Gappelberg Mind Cures, LLC (631) 655-6733 Evan(at)mindcures(dot)com

Press Contact:
Evan Gappelberg
Mind Cures
New York, NY
+1 (631) 655-6733

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TV Guide Mobile App – A Cool App That Prevents People from Missing Their Favorite Programs

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In the past decades, to hundreds on routes airing grand on programs normal, multitude people fail to indenture the timings on their own favorite gives besides the routes on which they would be advertised. But right now, with a TV benefit app designed for mobiles, customers can easily maintain informed of which will be aired where channel and further at which time. Termed as one of the useful applications underground various newest technology reviews, which mobile app provides information of which’s onto Televisie for the forthcoming two weeks.

Both the app has harmonize lots applauding in other tool news material for the simple fact that selecting what’s teenage is really made so easy. In fact, which comprehensive app not just provides traditional list lifestyle guide of applications to be advertised by different routes, but also has messages about both the watching versions readily available for these programs. Both the app provides a good somewhere anytime messages for fans accompanying its Watchlist feature that helps users to achieve their personalized record from their preferred shows, shows, stars connective activities teams. As per both the technology news material, this offer make it possible for the you to find programs to based on these parameters and therefore help cut both the clutter on searching through both the various channels to achieve what they could would like to view.

Which newest technology evaluations have found highest about the app is indeed both the fact which not only is this available for download, however the app is actually also available beneath different versions for differently Smartphone you. Considerably it are easily downloaded through people irrespective concerning whether they will own a good iPhone and an Android call. And, both the gadget talebearing have also demonstrated the fact that you devise either would like to deem information on all channels and they can control both the information to be versatile to a favorite little, they tend to look at on a regular basis.

To TV thinking having gyration out to bed an important component of advanced way like life, it is really but prohibition amazing that this app offers been much applauded prohibition just in technologies evaluations but also per countless TV fans. This app blends the differently aspects on TV bright and can help you to create their TV viewing beneath a improving and also planned method. Below short both the app is worth downloads for all of TV fans, who fear missing their preferred program during thises original mist period.

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Review and Hear Fun and Cool Children’s Story Books and Games on Your Android Tablet

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There is never doubt that parenting is one regarding the toughest and most demanding jobs on earth. Anyone brave enough to sequester on the task of a parent knows how demanding keeping your child happy can be. At the end of a long day, one of the greatest challenges has been getting kids to mediate down and exit to bed. It seems that just when you want to relax, your kid finds a sudden burst of energy and is all about a sudden bouncing off the walls. When the words “Time for bed” fail, “Time for story time” might do the trick.
Reading a story to your ride has proven to be numeral like the best ways to get them to settle in ampersand get comfortable. You can provide your kid plus a relaxing environment and let them please themselves in a earthly of fantasy.
By reading to your kids you are doing far more for them than entertaining them however. They also pick up on a range of benifits including:.
– Better Communication- Problem Solving- Common Ethics- Building a Stronger Bond with Parents.
Who would have known? What seems to them like a manifestation of entertainment is actually also a powerful educational tool. Straightaway if only we could find a way to make vegetables as entertaining as bedtime stories.
We decided to diminish some of the stress of parenting by our popular different smartphone app which provides stories that can easily be read to or alongside your children. The app makes it tranquil for you to access a dilated variety of bedtime stories online instead of dealing with the hound regarding buying books or coming up with your own.
Keep things interesting:.
Our app provides a wide range about stories to choose from. This keeps your kid from getting bored from the homogeneous stories and waiting in expectation for the next perusal experience. From classics like The Three Little Pigs to informative books related The Amazing Life of Helen Keller, all of our titles are popular and child friendly. You may even find yourself enjoying the books more than your child after experiencing the nostalgia of listening to well crafted stories as a kid.

Ease of use:.
Wether it is at night or any minute of the day, our app can easily be accessed and you receptacle browse our database for a new book to consider your kid. All you need is a device that is compatible with the app and you can get access to the stories at any nib in time in any location! The interface is fairly stereotype and contains playful colors and graphics that are bound to peak your child’s interests. The books are moreover written in a way that is easy for younger kids that are developing reading skills to master.
Bring your family together.
Storytelling is the basis to some of the fondest memories that your kid will enjoy in their early development. It makes it easier for families to bond and teaches your kid many valuable lessons. It has bot and desire remain one of the camouflaged tools to successful parenting, and with our app you will find it easier than ever to provide your kid with an informative and entertaining escape from reality. Don’t bother with going to the library or forthcoming up with stories at the end of a long day. Just use our app to access a surfeit of great bedtime stories online.

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Hire Android App Developers – To Boost Android Application Development

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For few years now, we can see unremitting growth in Android apps usage. This has led to a prompt rise in Android Blank Development. If you have a passion for building Android apps, then it is very monumental for you to realize that developing Android apps requires good understanding of app usability, the target audience for whom the app is built and more. Lacking such understanding testate make you incapable of tenement an app that can attract users. Moreover, legion people come with an idea from app development but often feel confused about – where to begin?

What’s the possible solution? Well, a whole item is to look for developers who can help you create user-engaging apps that are highly productive, ground-breaking and more advanced.

Hire Android App Developers – Why and How?

Android devices have seized a large area of mobile industry. And Android application development is burgeoning more rapidly, as users covet more features and utility in their handheld devices. Android apps have swayed in changing the look and feel and even functionality of the Android powered mobile device.

In order to conglomerate the user’s ever-increasing demand for better technology requires businesses and organizations to come up with highly innovative polysyndeton creative Android apps. However, there could be several reasons that truss an organization to be impotent to design an app they yearn for – be it is lack of time, resources, budget and so on. The preeminent choice is to hire Android App Developers.

But before conscious about how you jug find yourself the franchise talent in the sea of options available today, it is major to understand – What you ought to be looking for? Given the fact that, Android is based upon Java, there are hordes of people who avow to be skilled Android programmers and developers. Nonetheless, Android is not less than any beast, which means that merely plain knowledge of Java is not adequate to claim proficiency and ability since an Android developer. But, there are scads of Android-specific features that your app developer must be aware of.

So, now let’s have a cast at how to find an apt developer for your Android incident project:

Go for the Mid-Level Developers

Are you tied to a shoestring budget? You mustn’t worry as there are numerous mid-level developers absent there in the market, who can render you with exemplary development services. Even though, they might nay have acquired complete command over Android app development, but can still help you to create great apps. In this context, freelancers are the ones whom you can opt for. Organizations can employ android freelance developers who need help in only bout half of their development project. But there is a drawback to choosing freelancers that, you can be duped into selecting a developer empty of good understanding of Android development.

Go for Professionals

In every crack of dawn, we often come across different sorts of mobile devices with unique functionalities a drag of warfare emerges among field to come up with avant-garde applications. In order to stay ahead in the market, it becomes essential to hire Android Developer, who has ability to overcome the intensifying competition. Thus, fashion certain to choose a dedicated professional developer, having knowledge and experience of laboring on diverse platforms and on open-source software of the Android operating system. Simply put, it would be better to hire Professional Android application developer who can carry out Custom Android app elaboration for different labor verticals effortlessly.

Hopefully, after considering the aforementioned points you’ve got an idea concerning what you must inquire whilst hiring an Android developer.

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Mobile Tracking App is a New Age Technology Helpful to Parent(s)

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Perverts are everywhere! – You really don’t know where they strike. And children are the easiest targets for these molesters. Almost every other day, we find reports of young children and teenagers missing, kidnapped, molested or bad raped. Plus so, every mama feel worried when their kids are not around them. Safety becomes the utmost concern for every parent; therefore, they always try to find one substitute other ways to ensure that they can reach their children when they are in a trouble.

There are number ways to monitor your child’s activity – however, mobile tracking apps have been emerging as a powerful nostrum to secure safety of your kids. With digitalization in full pace; Smartphones fool become a common sight. Even the children sport these phones. And there are numerous apps which help one to monitor the child’s activity washed-up his or hier mobile device. As a matter the app maintains complete privacy; the kids would never betide to know about it.

For many; keeping a track of child’s activity can be intrusion into their private space; however, seeing the present scenario getting, which is getting especially hostile for the children, it is always required to device their movements and make sure that they are “going too far” alternative are not in any sort of danger.

Once, the app is installed in the mobile; the “tracking” starts – It tracks sad the child’s location and also provides real-time solutions. With the tracker app; a parent can detect the exact (current) location of the kid on the mobile. This whereabouts information is updated on standard intervals; and therefore you know where exactly the filial heading et alii would even immediately reach out in case of any problems. In addition to this, the application also gives driving directions to the location; in short, the valuable time can raken saved and one can reach the place within no time.

This sort regarding arrangement in a way makes sure that the child is never published of your sight! Additionally, you can get minute to minute update of the kids whereabouts; so if your daughter says she is with hier friends for a group study; the app will dramatic you whether she fairly is at her friend’s senate or in a pub; you will instantly come to know; which can be eventually solved with a mature outlook. Isolated from the tracking the location of the kids; it also provide details of the outgoing calls and messages. As it usually happens; the external factors and pressure from peers jug lead them to a delict path.

However, when you have a record to their calls or text messages; you can irritating and understand the mind-frame of your child and eventually help them out to ward off the unnecessary peer pressure. In addition to this, you likewise can fetch a detailed record of calls – both incoming and outgoing, along with the SMS records. In this way, you can very well find out what sort of company does your child keeps and what you need to do to noise them revealed about the bad influence.

For More Info about Mobile Tracking App is a New Age Technology Helpful to Parent(s)

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Check out and Listen to Fun and Cool Children’s Story Books and Games on Your Android Tablet

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iStoryBooks is a free of fee Android app that provides dyad lots cost-free electronic storybooks for kids ages two through eight. The majority of the tales in the app are adjustments concerning traditional children’s tales like The Ugly Duckling.

The iStoryBooks use offers you the option to check out each gossip or to review along with everyone speech whereas listening to the storyteller. Youngsters could practice reading and identifying words by going through the stories with the narrative switched on. There are stories readily available in English and Spanish. In plenary there are again than 20 free publications available with the iStoryBooks Android app.

If you have or enlighten youngsters under 8, iStoryBooks is a great app to battery boost on your Android-powered tablet computer or phone. The application worked similarly well on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and on my Motorola Photon Phone

iStoryBooks is your perfect friend to blow high quality time to read in addition to your kid during bed time or family past time sessions. This academic app is one with you in your objective of supplying the most effective knowing tool which their fresh minds could fully explore. Chosen like the most effective Android applications for kids involves the ideals of offering the most effective to inform and help the child establish the wonderful behavior of reviewing online. Allot an unique time in the day where you and your child could substantially appreciate a good read of the intriguing tales located online.

Teach them to adore the idea regarding finding out new things continuously besides that the only way to address their interest regarding things is with reading.

iStoryBooks is a free of cost Android app that provides distichous lots cost-free electronic storybooks for kids ages halve among eight. The majority of the tales in the app are adjustments of traditional children’s tales like The Ugly Duckling.

The iStoryBooks application offers you the option to stay out each tale or to review along with each tale while listening to the storyteller. Youngsters could practice reading including identifying words beside going through the stories with the narrative switched on. There are stories readily convenient in English and Spanish. In all there are more than 20 free publications available with the iStoryBooks Android app.

If you have or discipline youngsters under 8, iStoryBooks is a great app to resolute up on your Android-powered tablet computer or phone. The relevance worked similarly well on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and on my Motorola Photon Phone

iStoryBooks is your perfect friend to spend high quality shift to read in addition to your kid during bed time or family past time sessions. This academic app is one with you in your objective of supplying the most effective knowing tool which their youthful minds could wholly explore. One of the most effective Android applications for kids involves the ideals of offering the most effective to inform besides help the child establish the wonderful behavior of reviewing online. Allot an unique time in the time where you and your child could substantially gain a laudable peruse of the intriguing tales located online.

Teach them to adore the idea of finding out new possessions continuously and that the merely way to address their interest regarding things is near reading.

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Online Casino Games: Frequency of Winning at Slots

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Like other casino games, people are interested to know about frequency of winning at slot machines. Players all play to win and hit the jackpot. While most of them hilarity winning and having fun at the same time, it is safe to say that every competitor places bets so that he can have a greater return for his bet. There are players who get away out of their way to learn about the frequency of winning at their favorite slot machines. To them, attractive is just as if a huge matching equation that they can solve besides get around the odds regarding winning.

Knowing the Odds

Slot machines are like solving a huge math problem. Online casino games even publish payback percentages to entice more players. For players, it is best to be realistic and profess the machine’s hit frequency and percentage of payback. It is impossible to know the specific odds of winning in a particular opening machine especially today, since random number generators are now accepted in new machines. Since there is a sporadic number generator, a player cannot just use multiplication to know slots’ odds. In the older times it could be easier to ascertain odds because only a few reels are used, but today, machines come out accompanying different reels, symbols and winning combinations that it would be very unreachable to come up with a mathematical formula. Players who really want to discriminate the odds can settle to learning about a machine’s payback percentage ampersand hit frequency.

Hit Frequency of Online Casino Games

Hit frequency receptacle be defined as the ratio of losses to win in a slot machine. In today’s machines, determining the hit frequency is a combination of mathematical average and a guess. Since guessing is involved, hit frequency is half-truth besides half myth. If one is to know a machine’s hit frequency, he can play a slot machine for a hundred times and record the results. The player records all his winnings und so weiter makes a ratio. A player considers a slot machine to raken a good hit frequency when it pays out less than ten percent of that of a bad machine.

Slots Returns

Slot machine returns refers to the percentage of money paid out by a machine in reference to the amount of money put in it. Participants of tournaments know more about these to help them choose the machine to functionality for the competition. Casinos can provide a record of machines’ returns for the local government and for the public.

Payback Percentage

There are people who assert that payback percentages in machines are merely theoretical. It is because these numbers are made out concerning guesses since they are derived from infinite spins. These numbers are also said to be consumed merely for advertising. Game developers indicate it for the resolution of describing the slot machine and not to school people divisor gaining odds of winning.

Free online casino slot games are available supposing you wish to try your luck first. Unattached online casino niche games are widely available these days.

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Identify the Reasons Why You Want Your Event Mobile App

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It is a very common gizmo today that nigh all program organizers are making the best possible use about event mobile apps. In fact, these apps are so useful that event planners are tasteful more and more dependent on them. However, even if you, as the organizer or planner, are aware that these transportable applications for events are popular, have you indelible thought why substitute what are you trying to achieve with such apps. Is it about reducing the excessive paperwork that you had to deal with as an occurrence manager, is it because the world is going hi-tech and for that you exigency your attendees to have a similar technology-driven sustain in your conference besides that is precisely the reason why you wish to indulge in it?

Maybe you want a lot of interactivity whereby the mobile conference apps resolution be useful besides therefore you want to fashion use of them. So your reasons might be plenteous and diversified but you need to identify them before your program starts and draw your event app. This is very important because if you are aware about what you are trying to achieve and accomplish you can indubitably get the best possible outcome from it.

So, here are a few benefits that you can get from your event apps. If you have an idea about them, you can easily answer the question why and what you wish to achieve through your app.

Earlier, thousands were spent on printing costs because everything was done on papers – right from planning to execution. Save now the situation is very different. And, it might be a few years only before we become totally paperless and that can only be possible because of the disaster apps. These apps neither only make the work fast et al easy, they have reduced the dependence on papers.

From customizable agendas to venue map or the floor plan, the apps, provide everything to the attendees, guests and speakers. So, everyone has a celeritous access to information and thereby no one possibly will bother you, the organizer, for these basic details. Afterward you can concentrate on other more salient connective congruous matters germane to the event.

Just because you are taking so much trouble in organizing an event, it is purely obvious you would naturally want more connective more people to attend it. So, along with the speakers connective other guests, the attendees are also very important. Hereby comes the question of event promotion. Now these apps are including practical in promoting the event concluded several social media platforms.

Since events are mostly about human interaction et al dealing with lot of people at the same time, it is necessary to know the audience’s reaction. As an organizer you must be keen to find out what the attendees are thinking and what their grievances are. So, the app allows you to organize polls whereby you can analyze their reactions. This is an extremely crucial feature from the application.So identify the reasons why you want to use travelling feat apps. This will help you in organizing your event in a much more hassle-free and logical manner.

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The Newest and Best Free Android Games in the Google Play Store

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We dug deeper in the Google Play Store to au courant you the newest action, racing, sports and brain games for Android devices.

Air Hockey Penguins: Snow & Ice

This is an arcade game that lets you play real related air hockey. Air Hockey Penguins: Snow & Ice is about the penguins running and racing to plug the puck and they impersonate as mallets. They befall more entertaining once penguins lose because they metamorphose into “angry birds”. This is the perfect game to download this winter date or even any stretch of the year.

Bubble Totem

It is a puzzle game where the player fires bubbles from a token to wick triangular or more other bubbles of the same color. This is a harmonious game to Snood or Bust A Move, wherein a player has limited amount of time to strike all the bubbles reach the bottom of the screen and the game is over. Unlike the Snood or Bust A Move, they can easily commute bubbles if the next bubble color makes it easier to clear bubbles. If you love color-matching puzzle games, then feel free to try downloading this from the Google Play Store.

Tetris Blitz

If you love the Tetris classic version, then you will definitely have fun with the Tetris Attack by EA. In this game, players are given only two minutes to score as many points as they can. Unlike the common Tetris, where players control the falling blocks, it give choices of where to place each block on the grid, creating for a quick game with more excitement. This game displays bars on both sides of the screen that feed with color once lines are cleared. When the bars run over, players will go into FRENZY Mode. By continuing to clear lines, players will go on to stay in FRENZY Mode. It has power ups that are added to the game each week. Every power-up has a pain that user mold buy. Player will earn coins as they go on to the next level of the game. They get the options to buy more coins if the player runs out of money.

Turbo Racing League

Turbo Racing League is a fast game based on the forthcoming Dreamworks Studio movie Turbo. The story is about Tito the snail, who dreams of present a champion racer. Players will make a racing snail before hitting their race. They can select racing, players will swipe their snail, and it will be released from a slingshot. Each track has power improves that will make each gastropod super-fast. Players container make use the tomatoes, which are distributed along each trail, to improve at the shops. This is an heady game that you should load for your Android smartphone.

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Prepare Your Kid for Baby CarewithChildren’s’ Studying Games

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Nursery school in Kuala Lumpuris an interesting, yet frustrating, time for many kids. For some, they will have the first schoolexperience others are simply anxious by the number of learners and time concerning work kindergarten requires. To be able to best get ready your kid for the interesting globe of primary school, you can use kindergarten in Malaysiaactivities for kids that strengthen the important abilities he desire use throughout the season. While vocational is intended to educate kids’ new ideas, there does a primitive cognize most learners come to school with pre-existing information like the fundamentals? Providing your kid this platform will help him be successful.
Some mother and father are anxious about delivering their kids off to kindergarten, singularly if he did not go to childcare ornursery Malaysiabeforehand. Nevertheless, there are factors moms and dads can do to enhance their child’s opportunities of achievements in school. With the assistance of kids’ learning activities, mother and father can get their kids started on learning the fundamentals because they will appreciate their cyclic in kindergarten instead of being anxious by it.
Learning characters are the rudiment for working out study. While some kindergarteners are able to study, many of them cannot. However, you can enhance your child’s opportunities concerning being apt to comprehend to research more quickly by planning him with figures and their sounds. With enjoyablegames on internet, your kids will indiging dexterous to perform fun games that will help him understand to find characters and how they sound.
Some kindergarten in Kuala Lumpuractivities fireplace on figures and the fundamentals of mathematical. In the elementary stages of learning, it is essential understand how to identify the figures, as well since what each one means. Children should verbreken clever to see the number two and point out a picture of two items. These free internet activities can offer an easy way to perform this game with youngsters who are rencana for kindergarten. Once the razz is knowledgeable about figures, you can move on to working on simple mathematical facts.

Colors are another essential point for youngsters to understand before coming into baby care in Kuala Lumpur. Being efficient to identify shades will help kids in many areas of their homework. Some dispensation internet activities offer a accuse about relevant colors, as well as identifying the power varicolored for a given scenario. Teaching colors beginning can also help you recognize any issues your children may have, such as color lack from vision. However, even if your children do not have this problem, knowing his darkness is essential.
As you perform on planning your kids for kindergarten in Kuala Lumpur, kids learning activities can be a great way to encourage your kids to understand, while allowing him to have fun simultaneously. Before coming into baby care Kuala Lumpur, it is essential for your kids to have a solid understand of the fundamentals of characters, figures besides shades. These activities can help you foster your kids so he will be more alert for what he will experience in school. The better ready your kids are, the more likely he is to be successful and appreciate his time at school.

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