Social Traffic, Inc. Launched Social Traffic Deals, a Facebook App for Small Businesses to Run Time Limited Deals Inside Facebook

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Noosa, Australia, February 04, 2014 – “Consumers have wised up to the fact sharing offers on social media is valuable, it’s worth something to anyone selling these days. People are starting to envision they be reimbursed for sharing an offer to their extended cordial networks. One way of compensating consumers and return the share is through deals,” says Simon U. Ford, founder of Social Traffic, Inc.

“We’re excited to announce our new Facebook Deals App to command extra attention from customers on behalf of clients through leveraging viral social traffic with time sensitive offers,” Ford said.

You can see an example of Pleasant Traffic Deals on facebook, here.

“The daily deals industry has laid the groundwork for what works best for online deals. We’ve been building our capacity to bid this kind of solution to businesses in ways that are sustainable, plus affordable. Our research confirms, amongst consumers who redeem discounted deals online, 53% become regular and repeat customers,” Ford said.

Learn more about deal site marketing here.

In addition, Ford says, “Offering deals is a critical componential in acquiring new social infused, repeat purchase customers. It’s never been more difficult to acquire new customers than it is today connective it’s never been easier to sell to existing customers either.”

Simon U. Ford is founder concerning Social Traffic Inc., a social marketing agency specializing in social infused mobile and reputation marketing. The agency’s slogan is, “We won’t uncover you new customers, we re-engineer your web presence, so they dig up you.”

You vessel learn more about Social Traffic, Inc. here.

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Simon U. Ford
Social Traffic, Inc.
Noosa, Australia
302-261-5738 Social Traffic, Inc. places knowledge transfer like the first step in our clients online advertising strategy. We soar above the rest in our commitment to prevent poor advertising investments, reducing losses in that area and responding to requests from business owners before burnt by poor investments into the online advertising

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