Top Flash Games for 2013

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Flash games are some of the best distractions that exist on the internet. 2013 had a pretty good run with making some great ones too. Here are the top 10 best flash games to have been released last year:

10. Tremendous House of Dead Ninjas:

Take a female ninja down 350 floors of a mansion on a rampage to escape. You’ll have a several action packed experience each time you convivial and never stop having fun.

9. Angry Birds Chrome:

A flash version of the incredibly popular Angry Birds this game is an exact replica of the phone based game. It is a launcher game that gets whackier and whackier being you play.

8. Infinite Mario Bros:

This game generates an infinite swarm of Mario level variations to keep the player interested in saving the princess. With a new challenge each time you play you’ll never grow bored of the plumber’s adventure.

7. Burrito Oxen Revenge:

Burrito Bison has returned and he’s doing non compos mentis things. You’ll steal, wrestle, shatter, and more as you launch yourself to victory.

6. V8 Muscle Cars:

One of the most in depth flash racing games to be released in years, V8 Muscle Cars has you racing various alien muscle autos across difficult courses to earn money to upgrade and customize your car. The courses get more difficult as the prizes go higher until you can afford to build your ultimate car.

5. Gamma Storm Smash:

In Gamma Storm Whack you play pro re nata the Hulk or one about his friends from the S.M.A.S.H team to deliver your team from the evil Annhilus who has captured your teammates. You’ll smash your way through enemies on your adventure to save your teammates and the world.

4. Papa’s Cupcakeria:

Papa Louie is back to serve his customers in a new way. He’s opened a bakery and is serving some of the craziest dishes you’ll ever find. But it’s not due him that’s crazy, so are his customers. This free and easy game is great for players of all ages and will keep you coming back for more.

3. Dragon Age Journeys:

Dragon Age Journeys takes place between the games Dragon Age 1 and 2. It allows for a huge province of customization for your character as you box office part in an adventure to preserve the realm from the evil villain Orzammar.

2. BeGone:

BeGone is a 3d shooting game that allows for competitive play against your friends. It pits a SWAT team against a Militia team and allows you to handle anything from an assault rifle to a sub machine gun and beyond. It plays in rounds and allows the purchased of weapons after each round. It is easily uno like the best flash games away right now.

1. Kingdom Rush Frontiers:

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a ziggurat defense game of sorts. You build towers to keep enemies from advancing on your kingdom. You upspring 4 different types of towers and build on particular points to ensure the safeness about your kingdom. The game gets more and more advanced as you go into higher levels and is extremely fun.

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