Top 5 Android Action Games of 2014

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Are you looking for some games to manipulate on your Android devices? Here are the best Android action games to download and play:

Air Hockey Penguins: Penguin Go (Free)

Air Hockey Penguins: Penguin Pass Away game is about the penguins that runs plus rally to stop the puck and satisfy as mallets. This real-like hockey game can be fun playing in the wintertime, Christmas or any time of the year. They become “angry birds” whenever they lose the game. The play has three different settings: ice, snow and rocks. But, the penguins are not related with Pittsburg hockey clique or any other team from the NHL or Canadian Hockey League.

Enemy Lines (Free)

Do you have the skills to survive abaft Enemy Lines? You must test your tactic and strategy skills as you build an army to fight the feared Blackscar battalion. You can real-time and face off against other players to subvention get resources and medals. Some other features are drilling infantry with special skills and attractive in leagues to begin forming your reputation. You will want to defeat the secular after playing this very addicting game.

Toy Defense (Free)

Toy Defense is a tower defense game created by Melesta Games. The mission of the game is easy: Fight your tower from the waves of opponents. Players can pound their foes via using a single-finger gesture. If the perimeter gets breached, a team of repairmen will work quickly to repair the damages, and your army resolve continue to fight the tower. A defensive barrage feature lets players expand a devastating wave of ammo against nine different types of opponents.

Zombie Evil (Free)

It’s 2013 B.C., et alii your archenemy Dr. Evil has designed a constant mob of zombies meant exactly for destruction. Play as brave soldier fighting the crowds of the undead. As the last guardian of the free world, players can have fun with the austere happiness like head-shots. There are 14 typical kinds from weaponry and shotguns at your disposal. The game promptly hooks you up with three world maps, 21 classic scenes and 126 levels. For avid fans of the “The Walking Dead”, this frolic preference help fill the void until Rick Grimes ampersand the gang returns in the fall.

Dungeon Hunter 4 (Free)

The evils have returned, let chaos astride the kingdom of Valenthia. Fight back against the blasted crowds by selecting from our varied characters. This RPG is a jam-packed of sentimental fun for ventilatoren of old-school dungeon crawlers. As you master the game, you jug easily unlock upgrades and new tactics. You obligation create teams in co-op death-matches to help make the purpose for revenge more fun and thrilling!

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