How to Setup and Add an Account to Mail App?

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Sending and receiving salient emails have become a day-to-day stir for almost every professional. To stay connected beside your work and colleagues even when you are not there on your workstation, it is constitutive to have smart email apps on your precocious gadgets to revert people on time. In order to accomplish this aim, it is required to perform email setup app or service on your device to let you have better technology experience. In fact, Windows 8 and Windows RT 8.1 have applications that give you the leverage to work anywhere, anytime.

This email setup application is quite easy-to-use and can be easily installed on the laptop or PC. Using this Mail app, the user can add all his/ hier accounts, such equal Yahoo!,, Gmail or any different work email.
How to Setup Mail App?

It would not be wrong to say that Dispatch App is a proven easy way for managing all your emails in most convenient way. The user receptacle use their Microsoft account credentials to sign in the PC, and cup create one, if he/ she does negative bear one. Ensure who-so-ever signs in your computer system, make gain of their confidential Microsoft account credentials to check their possess email.
How to Verify You Have Signed In With a Microsoft account?

1. From the advantageous edge of your device display screen, swipe and tap on “Settings”. Go to “Change PC Settings”.

While you are using mouse with your system, you tin point on the top-right cranny of your screen and move the pointer down. Then click on “Settings” option and go to “Change Pc Settings”.

2. Tap on the “Accounts” and click on “Your Account”.

If you have previously signed in with your Microsoft Account details, there appears a examine with your name, email id and your account picture. Now you are omneity intent to start your work. However, when you are signed in using local account details, the separate appears a little different and you can click on the “Connect to a Microsoft Account” privilege for carry on with further proceedings.
How to Add an Account with the Mail App?

* Go to the “Start screen” and click on “Mail”.
* On the right corner of your screen, swipe including squint for “Settings”.
* Click on the “Accounts” option and select “Add an Account”. Decide the type of account you wish to add.
* Enter valid email id and password. Click on the “Connect” option.

You are all set to start your solve and send work emails.

That’s greatest you need to do for setting up email account for the Mail App. Make sure you follow all the steps carefully for having hassle-free email set up experience.

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